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How you handle your divorce will have a direct impact on how your children handle your divorce.


Some parents argue loudly, some parents argue through gestures and facial expressions.


A common remark made by children who experience divorce is that they hope their mom and dad will just stop fighting now.


Children do not want to have to choose mom over dad or dad over mom.


For some people transitioning from husband and wife to co-parents is relatively easy. For many it is a day-to-day struggle to find ways to respond rather than react to the “ex”.

Learning how to co-parent is one of the best gifts you can ever give your children.


You may be asking yourself…

  • How do I deal with all the hurt and pain in order to find a way to co-parent?

  • How do I trust “him or her” to make good decisions for our children when I am not there?

  • How do we best help our children make this transition form one home to two?

  • How do I know if my children are okay or not?

  • How do we tell our children that mom and dad are divorcing?

  • How do I navigate the legal issues of divorce?

  • How do I keep my children and myself safe during the process?

  • How will I handle dating or even remarriage in the future?


The answer is through education and support!

Did you know that ….


If your divorce is being filed in the State of Florida, you are required by the Florida Courts to complete a Parent Education Family Stabilization class.

If you were never legally married but are seeking to share “custody” of your children you should also complete a Parent Education and Family Stabilization Class.

Also recommended for…


Parents who are already divorced and still struggling to co-parent.


Grandparents or other involved relatives that want to become better educated on how to help the children during their parents’ divorce.


Click on the Register Now link for course and registration
information NOW!


Pro-Active Parenting and Divorce© Class

The Required 4 Hour class
for parents in the divorce process with children
under 18yrs of age.






Home-Study (correspondence)
Available in English, Spanish and French



What Other Services are Available to help you?


Therapy: We also offer therapy sessions for individuals and families as well as “couples” struggling with finding a way to peacefully separate.

Support Groups: We have ongoing Support Groups for people before, during and after divorce.

Online Courses: Written on many divorce related topics for parents as well as grandparents and other extended family members of children of divorce.

Empowerment Seminar: Held locally in Coral Springs.


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"The Golden Rule of Parenting is; do unto your children as you wish your parents had done unto you!"
Louise Hart


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situation to help,
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