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Online Family Courses

Even as therapists, we recognize that not every relationship and family dynamic issue necessarily requires therapy.


Sometimes it is about getting some tools and a new way of looking at a problem.

In our fast-paced world, when a family problem arises it is often hard to find the time to get the extra information we need.

That is why we created and authored short online course that we call FYIGuides.

As the name implies FYIGuides are informational online courses. As Marriage and Family Therapists with education backgrounds, our goal is to guide you through quick to read e-courses on numerous family problem topics.

FYIGuides are just a click away 24/7 and are filled with workable solutions to many family issues.

From Aging and Adolescent issues to Parenting, Care-giving, Grief, and Loss we are always adding new courses to our library.


So why register for an FYIGuide online course?


We have made it simple and easy to get the information you need.

All our courses are available 24/7. So if you are up worrying in the middle of the night, now you have a solution at your finger tips and perhaps in the morning things might be a little clearer, or at least you might feel like you have a direction to navigate through your problem.

Use any time, anywhere you have a computer connection

Every course is downloadable if you want a copy. On the other hand, you can take your time over several months to complete your class.

Every course has a TOOLS TO USE section, which is a useable list of things to do to help your situation in your real world.

Pace yourself, bookmark where you leave off. The courses are user friendly and designed for novice computer users to those with sophisticated knowledge of computers.

Written on a number of subjects our FYIGuides are helpful in providing just enough information in an organized format designed to get to the point and help you remember what you have learned.

Would an FYIGuide be helpful for you?


Are you searching for some enrichment information on a subject?
Are you trying to find specific tools to use to reach a solution?
Do you need to gain back some control of a chaotic situation?
Have you been tasked by family members to “figure it out”?
Do you need to find a different way of doings things and don’t have an idea of how to?

Easy to navigate, Easy to Read, Easy to remember what you learned!


To search our FYIGuide catalog click here

"The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can
take it away from you."
B.B. King


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situation to help,
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