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New Beginnings

Are you are a "single" parent who is considering dating?


Perhaps you have been dating and now are ready to begin a new relationship, maybe with an individual who has his or her own children?


Perhaps you have begun to think about getting married again.
This can be an exciting time and we hope you find joy.


Any new relationship creates at least some questions and new decisions. If you are a parent, you know that this decision will affect other people, especially your children.


In order to find success, it is important to remember to remain mindful of your children’s feelings and concerns and move forward at a pace that is comfortable for everyone.


For Families with Minor Children:

Many of our parents that we work with share many of the same questions.


  • How can I help my child understand that it is important for me to start dating again?

  • What is the best way to introduce my child to my new "romantic interest"?

  • How can I help my child adjust to so many changes?

  • How do I handle conflict between my child and my new partner?

  • Since we both have children, how will we separate and/or share parenting responsibilities?

  • How will we handle conflict between our children?

  • How do we address issues with our respective ex-spouses?



Be aware that your children probably also have worries that need to be addressed and they often need a "safe place" to ask questions that are weighing on their minds and perhaps affecting their daily lives.



Are your children worrying and perhaps "acting out"?
Is it possible that these thoughts and questions are "on their minds"?


  • Is this "new person" trying to replace my "real" mom or dad?

  • I don’t want any more brothers or sisters, especially a new baby.

  • Why does my mom or dad like the "other kids" better than me?

  • No one spends time with me anymore.

  • No one cares about what it’s like for me.

  • How can I get things "back" to the way they were?

  • I "feel badly/guilty” that my "real mom/dad" is all alone now.

  • There is no one I can tell how I feel.


Issues for Adult Children


Issues for adult children often involve finances, inheritance and care-giving issues, however sometimes the underlying issues also involve similar concerns to those found at a younger age.

While "we expect" adult children to be supportive, sometimes professional help is useful in sorting out the issues.


How can we be helpful?


We are experienced with dealing with the multiple perspectives that adults and children bring with them into new and still developing relationships.

We understand the dynamics of blended families.

We know how to respect everyone’s feelings AND help you all find new ways of becoming a blended family, in a way that make sense for all of you.


Visit our FYIGuide Course “Blended Families” ...A Recipe for Success by clicking here

While statistics may show that 60% of second marriages fail, remember that it also means 40% are successful, and we can help you find ways to "find a way, not a way out"!



"When you feel like giving up, remember why you held
on for so long in the first place."


When friends and family are just too close to your
situation to help,
call us at 954 -341 - 2555
or send a confidential email to:


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