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Divorce Matters 360

What is Divorce Matters 360?

Divorce Matters 360 is a program to help individuals, couples and families find solutions when a relationship problem or family dynamic has deteriorated to a place where chaos is taking control, and the relationship and the people involved are in crisis.

Designed based on feedback from input from our community, Divorce Matters 360 is a comprehensive program to help people finds solutions Before, During and After Divorce.

While all our services at Family Therapy Associates focus on helping people find solutions that fit for them, we are preeminently qualified to work with clients who are facing a critical situation in their lives.

As Marriage and Family Therapists we have years of experience helping people find workable solutions to problems related to divorce through therapy, through support and through education. We have also co-authored the DCF/Court Approved Parenting Class “Pro-Active Parenting and Divorce”, a court ordered required course for divorcing parents with children under the age of 18 years.


How will Divorce Matters 360 help you ?


The program emphasizes that YOU ARE NOT ALONE and although at times you may only see sadness in front of you, the clouds can pass and you can bring life full circle/360, to a new normal and to recognize that there can be life after divorce.

We recognize that “divorce matters” – matter – to everyone in its path.

While the focus is on the relationship, problems that often make the situation more difficult, such as illness, grief, loss, care-giving, and adolescent issues are also addressed.

We understand that divorce affects everyone differently and specific needs will vary from person to person, couple to couple and family to family. It is our hope that we can serve our community by providing therapy services, support groups, education and empowerment seminars.


How do I decide if I need Divorce Matters 360?


Have you started to think that it is hopeless?


Have you or your partner verbalized “I am out of here” sentiments?


Are you already separated and now having second thoughts?


Are you questioning if you should leave or not and fearful you will make the wrong choice?


Do you feel anxious about the future if you get divorced?


Are you in the divorce process and didn’t realize how painful it would be?

For you?

For your children?


Are you having trouble putting your life back on track?


Are family and friends tired of the same conversation?


Are you post divorce and still fighting?


Are you post divorce, and thinking about dating?


Are you passed dating and thinking about re-marriage?


Are you getting married and your children, your fiancés children, or an ex-spouse are having difficulty with your new life?



Divorce Matters 360 Phases


Couples in Crisis…

Deciding to stay or to leave…making the right choice


Survival Strategies...

Working through the challenges of separation and divorce


New Beginnings…

Navigating dating, remarriage and blended (step) family challenges



Co-parenting skills and management techniques throughout the phases including

“Pro-Active Parenting and Divorce”, the required Court Approved Parenting Class



Divorce Matters 360 Services

Therapeutic Services

Individual Therapy,
Couple Therapy
Family Therapy

Support Groups

Mens only Group
Womens only group
Mixed gender group

Career Coaching

Finding a Career Path that fits for you

Empowerment Seminars

Health, Wealth and Well Being. A Stronger You!

Classroom and online courses

DCF/ Florida Court Approved Parenting Class
FYIGuides/ e-courses

"Being challenged in life is inevitable,
being defeated is optional."



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