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Career Coaching

Have you ever thought to yourself that perhaps your career choice does not match what you enjoy?

Did you “end up” choosing a field because of outside pressure from a parent or spouse perhaps?

Are you just beginning the process of deciding what your career path will look like?


Are you considering a new career and would like some guidance to identify what you may be best suited for?


Would you like to be able to get a better read on how your interests would match up with occupational choices?

Are you looking for new ways to understand and respond to the important people in your life; family, friends, and co-workers?

Career Coaching

Combining several well-respected assessment tools with professionally guided discussion, we can help you find a path that will “feel” right for you, based on your interests, your values and goals, and your stage in life.






"When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece."
John Ruskin


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